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BCWPA Tools and Resources for You 


BCWPA has created the Interactive Playbook which will provide you access to over FAQs and resources to help you navigate our new web site in an easily accessible online format. 


“The Interactive Playbook, will be your go-to resources to find answers to your questions about our business structure.” “Built with the input of our leaders and members from our clubs, these tools are resources to help you navigate to find the answers you are looking for.” 


The Interactive Playbook will highlight information from major functions as well as key topics like Events or Plans and the most frequently asked questions about BCWPA and its workings. It will also contain links to a policy library and additional resources. 


“These are living resources that we’ll be updating throughout integration, and our members will be encouraged to check back regularly for the latest information,” says Vince O’Hanley, President, BCWPA. “We believe the Interactive Playbook will equip you with the resources you need to make Water Polo a success in British Columbia and our Association, the clubs and the sport of Water Polo.”  

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