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Iván G. Somlai
Past President


Denes Lukacs

Vice President


Jacqueline Bos



Willy Arundel



Ferenc Vindisch
Director of Regions


Vision Statement

BCWPA is a progressive and innovative organization, dedicated to delivering quality, values-based Water Polo programs throughout British Columbia.  Our Board is made up of skilled personnel, qualified leadership and management, including capable and committed volunteers.  The BCWPA Board works within an atmosphere of respect, honesty and open communication, actively involving all members of the association, encouraging ownership and pride in our accomplishments.


BCWPA is an athlete/participant-oriented sport association with accessible, affordable, and equitable programming for its members, which BCWPA supports and promotes at all levels of play. 

The BCWPA Board has established good relations between our association and the private sector, media, government and related agencies as well as the local, national and international sport community.

BCWPA and its Board operates as a professional association, based upon recognized and effective business practices and sound financial management.  We strive to enhance municipal partnerships.


Our Key Values are:

  • Accessible; Athlete Centered; Equitable; Excellence; Fairness; and Pride.

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