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These are living resources that we’ll be updating throughout integration, and our members will be encouraged to check back regularly for the latest information.

Business Plan

In this business plan for fiscal 2020, in the athlete enhancement business, BCWPA will expand the number of clubs, players and layers of water polo for British Columbia.

BCWPA will be actively working on strengthening the next generation of players, early development of players who can compete.  Players will be considered our number one priority.

In regards to the competition event business, we will realize a uniform high-level competition province wide.

In the leader training business, the leaders will be set to implement an updated leader system starting in fiscal 2020.  Train leaders who can contribute to value improvement.  BCWPA will also work on packaging, venting, planning and operation know-how of the sport of water polo.

In the general affairs-related business, BCWPA will further strengthen governance and thorough compliance, we will work to improve sports integrity (honesty and soundness).  In addition, we will also focus on establishing independent financial resources and marketing activities.


While strengthening organizational bases, BCWPA will improve value as a technical organization.


In conclusion, BCWPA recognizes that the environment surrounding BCWPA will continue to be challenging toward the future of water polo in British Columbia.  


BCWPA will work closely with each member organization to share information and communicate.

We look forward to your support and cooperation.


16 January 2020

Vincent O’Hanley


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