The objectives of the British Columbia Water Polo Association ("BCWPA" or “Society”) are to administer, control, organize, encourage and promote the game of water polo in the Province of British Columbia. The BCWPA was incorporated under the Societies Act of British Columbia on August 15, 1975. The BCWPA is a Provincial Sport Organization (“PSO”) as recognized by Ministry of Community, Sport, & Cultural Development. A PSO is responsible for the regulation of all areas and levels of participation in water polo within the province and for the governance of the province-wide development of the sport. A PSO is the provincial voice on behalf of its members. The Society is principally funded by the Province of British Columbia through viaSport and Community Gaming Grants administered by the Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch.


The purpose of The British Columbia Water Polo Society is to encourage and promote the development of water polo throughout the Province of British Columbia; to promote excellence in the sport of water polo and to provide all players with the opportunity to realize the level of personal achievement in the sport that their determination and ability allow them to attain; and to organize, operate and regulate water polo competitions at all levels throughout the Province.


BC Water Polo is an athlete oriented, progressive and innovative sports organization, dedicated to delivering and overseeing quality, values-based, accessible, affordable and equitable water polo programs at various levels of skills and competition throughout British Columbia under the governance oversight of skilled and qualified leadership and management, and capable and committed volunteers at the Board and Committee levels. BCWP will conduct its programs and initiatives in an atmosphere of respect, honesty and open communication, actively involving and engaging all members of the association, external potential donors and existing stakeholders, through its effective business and ethical practices, robust risk culture, and sound operational risk and financial management.

Core Values

  • Integrity

  • Courage

  • Respect

  • Excellence

  • Fairness & Equity

  • Pride

  • Accessibility

  • Shared Leadership/Ownership

  • Athlete Centered

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